Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bible Study

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
This has been our reason for homeschooling, to give our children a good foundation in the truths the Bible holds. That is just how we roll around here. And although Sonlight does provide a Bible Study I wanted something that all my children could study together, different level but same lesson and I found that in Bible Study Guide for All Ages!!!!

What I like about Bible Study Guide for All Ages is the fact that it is teaching straight from the bible.

For the Beginner Pages it seems that they have changed the format a little bit, so some of the sections I mention might not still be in the format, sorry!!They use to have Memory work( This is a review section as well as starting to memorize different parts and verses from the bible), My Bible section (helps get your little ones comfortable with their bible), Application (helps make personal the Bible lesson for the day and also has prayer prompts), and Discover the Bible section(the Bible lesson which your child colors in as they listen to what you read. But since what they have to color in is color coded, you know when they are not listening so its a fun way to engage them and help you make sure they are comprehending what they are hearing.)It seems like they still have most of this on the pages just have changed the names up a bit and fine tuned the format!!!

The Intermediate Pages takes up studying a notch. It includes a Remember It section (this reviews the lesson from the day before), Memory Workout (More than just remembering scripture but also specific details from what they have already learned), Guess What section (Quick facts from the Bible), Map section (helps them become familiar with the area that the bible lessons come from) Flashback (a quick review of the current bible lesson, Apply it(same concept as Beginner Pages but it now requires your child to finish the story and also asks questions to help them connect how to put into action the wisdom from the Bible as well as prayer prompts,and Discover the Bible section (this time the bible has to be read to get the answers to the questions which are still color coded but more detail is asked.)

I currently feel like the Intermediate is just fine for my 5th grader how ever they now have Advance Pages aimed at 4th-6th grade.

We only do two lessons each week as there is alot of material to cover. Another thing I really enjoy is the fact that I learn so much from their lessons as well!!! And if I was really motivated I could order the Adult Bible Study Guides and do those along with my children, but honestly the Intermediate ones are about as much as I can handle right now, lol.

I will be using Explorer's Bible Study And It Was Good! to start off our days. I like it because it has hymns to learn weekly, vocabulary that I use with the older kids and the Q & A section really makes CJ feel apart of the discussion as she can answer the questions along with her brothers.

And of course, the heart of our memorization is our AWANA verses!!! I have a last year Cubbie, last year Spark and 3rd year TNTer. If you are looking for a way to review verses with your children, check back in September as I will be sharing some tricks of the trade that I use with my children and our club!!!!!

What Bible Curriculum do you use and why? I haven't decided 100% on what I will do when we are finished with year 4 of BSGFAA, it would be really easy to start again with year one as the lessons are more in depth but I also though maybe I would take a break and try something new so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

So there you have it, my review for Bible Lessons. Tomorrow I will be sharing what I use for our Foreign Language: Japanese. And if you missed it here is what we are using for History/ Geography, Math, and English. Don't forget to head on over to the Not back to School Blog hosted by Heart of the Matter as we share what we use during Curriculum Week!!!

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