Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simple Day

We have been so busy and fallen a little behind in our schedule but learning is still occurring!!! One unexpected way was our first ever booing outing. I have to say I am NOT a big Halloween fan but this appealed to me because it helped the boys and I to get out of our comfort zones and make ourselves known in the community. Here JJ is putting the final touches on our packages to deliver.

Here LJ is working on his Hiragana characters. This is a slow process but we are still hanging in there. I pulled out our First Thousand Words in Japanese by Usborne and I think they had fun trying to find all the Hiragana they knew. LJ went around the house naming objects in Japanese. Self motivated learning at its best!

And here is CJ finally interested in math again!!!!! I take an interest only approach for my children until they turn 7. Not that I have to wait that long before they are doing lessons but there is no demand of doing a scheduled work load before then.

So there you have a Simple Day at MorningStar Academy!

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