Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homer Price

The second book we read with Sonlight Core B with Grade 2 Readers is Homer Price. The kids really loved it and sat still with their quiet time activities so I could read. It wasn't a struggle and E-V-E-R-Y time I thought they were going into la la land, I would as a question about something I had just read and A-L-L my kids were able to answer them!!!!! Now the Instructor's Guide does come with a list of items to talk about, but we don't use it. Just don't have the time and reading comprehension has never been an issue so I want to keep reading fun and not make it a chore.

Speaking of fun, our activity for this book was a big winner. We even invited some friends over to enjoy the fun as well. (They homeschool too!!) A couple of things to know. We didn't give the dough the full time to rise the two times the recipe call for, time just wasn't our friend that day and I forgot the shortening. The later explains why the dough was so sticky,lol. But even with those two errors, the doughnuts still turned out great and I think everyone had a wonderful time cutting out and eating their doughnuts!!!

Our neighbor friend and JJ working on the dough.

Even princesses can get a little dirty too but hey this is Snow White so she use to the mess.

We used a spice cap to cut out the holes.

Working with LJ.

Snow White just waiting to play with the extra dough.

Frying up the doughnuts, which took almost NO time at all!!

Making our own little holes, it was cool for even me to see the dough cook.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

I'm not sure what Snow White is dumping her doughnut in, lol.  This is the same child who eats ketchup with her pancakes so there is no telling!

See mom, its really good. Ahhh boys!!!!
Well that is about all the excitement we could have with Homer Price, I wasn't going to try to rob a bank or get a pet skunk and no super heroes were in the neighborhood but I think making doughnuts was a whole adventure in its self. Thanks neighbors for joining in the fun!!!!!

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