Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Raising Real Men Boot Camp

My husband and I are in week 2 of the Raising Real Men Boot Camp. And have found it very helpful so far!!! Here is just a highlight of what we have gotten from both sessions so far:

  • It is NORMAL for my 10 year old to be so absent minded.
My Solution: send him off with a note card with short specific tasks to do!! This will HELP him stay focused and when he DOES get sidetracked, encouragingly help refocus him!!!! 
  • It is NOT NORMAL to expect him to sit down and just do his work.
My Solution: we are packing up the workbooks for a while!!! And YES this is very hard to do for me and a complete experiment that I P-R-A-Y bears fruit!!!! 
  • I should STOP frustrating my 7 year old with penmanship and give his mind and body a chance to develop. 
My Solution: relax and do just as I did with 10yo, when he is ready for cursive then I will focus on penmanship. He is an excellent reader and can write, he just doesn't form the letters correctly. I know this will be a little frustrating when he moves into cursive, it was with 10yo, but not as frustrating as it is to get 7yo to write right now!!!! 

  • There is a reason that 4 yo daughter isn't fitting into the mold her brothers made, she's different!!! 
My Solution: Her educational needs and styles are going to be different than the boys and so I should just get that curriculum for K even though "I didn't do that with the boys!!!!"

  • Start with the end in mind!
My Solution: Even though my children are only in 5th, 2nd, and Pre-K taking a look at what they will need to complete High School has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. I can relax now cause it doesn't seem like a never ending path to no where!!!!! 

I can't wait till next week and the good news is you can still join us for the Boot Camp: Raising Real Men. It meets on Monday nights at 8pm EST. I would encourage every parent with a boy, homeschooled or not, to check out the blog Raising Real Men. It will be time well spent!!!!

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