Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Year Like No Other

We are enjoying our last week of Christmas Break as well as breaking in a new schedule!!!!
Before 2011 ended , my husband and I sat down to reflect on what we needed to change in our family and how we could do it. Our biggest concern was that we were not reading God's Word daily. Not as individuals and not as a family!!!!!

Since we already had The One Year Bible for Children I decided to alter our schedule for one year and see if this really would be
A Year Like No Other and we could instill in our children the importance and value of God's Word.

Over the next year, our family will be rising up at 7AM Mon-Fri and 730AM Sat & Sun to gather around the kitchen table to read from the Bible. Since my husband wont be able to read with us during the week as he has to leave by 7AM, he will be wake the kids up as I prepare cups of hot cocoa for them to enjoy.

As the cocoa warms their bellies, I pray that God's Word warms their hearts!!

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