Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Break 1

Well we are on Break 1 for the year. It's really a catch up week but it has come at the perfect time. We don't have much to catch up on and we finished our first Read Aloud, Charlotte's Web. So this pause seemed like a natural beat in our schedule. I am hoping this will mean I can upload the chicken and spider worksheets I used. Until then here are some pics of the day we studied the egg. That was loads of fun!!!!

Here we soaked our eggs in vinegar, they were suppose to bounce after 3 days but our didn't. I've very thankful the kids insisted that we go outside to test them out!!!

Cracking open the egg

and of course touching it

and being silly with it

JJ was very serious about his observations

and what's an experiment without an accident

CJ was N-O-T very happy at this point. 

The kids are still talking about Charlotte's Web and we have even had a chance to go hunting spider webs and identify them. It's really neat to see them learning together and retaining what they are discovering!! I think to finish off our break we are going to make spider webs out of glue and glitter. CJ found a book at the library called Aarrgghh Spider that sparked this idea.  I think our next book is Homer Price and I am so looking forward to making homemade doughnuts!!!!!

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