Monday, September 26, 2011

A compliment

this morning I spent 2 and half hours in a waiting room while my husband had exams done on his eyes. Thankfully I packed up all our lessons in a basket to take with me, just in case we were there for more than 45 minutes. Cool thing was we were able to get almost all our school work done while waiting. One of my favorite lessons wasn't even planned but I was able to knock out about 5 math lessons without JJ even knowing it. In his book it has him counting from 0 to 300, in different stages. I know he can do it so I never make him count for the sake of counting. But today we decided to count the square tiles up and down the hall to see how many there were. And wouldn't you believe it was 300 and JJ counted every one. Some how I think that was more exciting than just sitting behind a desk and counting. But it gets better, the boys and I all read together, out loud..... not sure why I hadn't thought about that before. Since there was a T.V. in the waiting area it was hard for me to keep their attention, so I told them they had to follow along and when I stopped reading they better be able to pick up where I left off. This worked well because I was able to regain their attention when it started to wander. And it was fun to all read together.

After we got into the car, my husband told me how the doctor complimented us on how well behaved our children are. He said most children would have been a mess by that time. My husband said, "Well we spend alot of time with our children because we homeschool." The doctor cut in, " I could tell, we home schooled our children too!!!" I just hope we shed a good light on other parents to how well homeschooling works and how fun it is!!!!! And the cool part was when we got home we were able to enjoy the day!!!! Yes I would say that was a very successful homeschool kind of day. I'm grateful for each one of them and take them in any fashion they come!!!!! How about you, do you take school with you out and about? How have others reacted to you?

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