Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blast From the Past: Pinatas

I really had to repost this!!! Mainly because at VBS this year, more to come on that, I learned that instead of glue I should have used flour. At least now I know why it was so hard to bust open. LOL

So when we first moved I decided that I wanted to make pinatas with the boys out of the moving paper, cause you always have so much!!!! Well I didn't get to it and then as I was doing research for our World Geography we came across a book that said pinata's may have orginated in China. So this whole week we have worked on these pinatas. And although they didn't break like I thought they would, I'll explain in the directions below, the boys had a great time as you can see for yourself.

To create some pinata fun of your own you will need:
white glue  please use flour and water instead, unless you want to play a trick on someone!!!
newspaper or moving paper

-Mix 1 part glue to 2 parts water. I dumped the whole bottle of glue and then filled the bottle up two times and mixed it up in a deep bowl.
-dip newspaper in glue mixture and cover balloon with one layer of paper. Wait for 45 minutes and then cover again with another thin layer.
***Do not put more than 2 layers on, even though it looks thin that extra layer makes it hard to break as you can tell, lol. I'm certain that if you use flour instead of glue you can add a couple more layers.
-I let our pinatas dry for 2 days.
-you can decorate pinata in any form you wish, we chose markers but you can use stickers or cover with crepe paper by putting a thin layer of glue on dried pinata and then sticking crepe paper to pinata and wait for it to dry.
(Oh yes, this is what I will do different the next time we try this. I will cover the whole pinata except for a small area at the bottom of the balloon, no more than 1/2 inch wide. This is so you can pop the balloon. I will cut a whole at the top of the balloon to put the candy in and make the holes to hang the pinata. This will make the string holes stronger and your pinata will be less likely to break because of the string. )
Break outside and enjoy the fun. I would love to post pictures of your pinata creations! Send me a link so I can see what you created! I never did it again but if I do, I'll use the same hole I pop the balloon in to put candy in. 

** Originally post as Recipe for Fun on L2L

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