Friday, July 8, 2011


have you heard of it before? I hadn't until I contacted StartWrite about their newest version of their handwriting program. See I love to use StartWrite however my printer uses alot of ink so I haven't been able to use it to its fullest because I don't want to print alot of worksheets at home. We have a local library that allows you 20 free copies a day, so frugal that I am email copies that I want to myself so that I can open the attachment and print it there. But with StartWrite I needed the actually program to open the worksheets and that is where Cute PDF saves the day!!!! One it is a free program and two anything you can print, it can turn into a PDF and PDF means I can email it to myself and open it at the library!!!!!!

Haven't heard of StartWrite, well if you can't wait till I do my review of what I will be using for the new year, you should head on over to their site and get a free trail.

Have you discovered anything lately, I would love to hear about it!!!!

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