Monday, July 11, 2011

Blast From the Past: School Choices 08-09

I'm slowly working on getting old homeschool posts onto this blog. Working on it as I have time, maybe one or two a week or month or however long it takes :) At any rate this is the next post that needed to be placed on here. To keep it real I'll strike through what we didn't do and comment on other parts as well. All editing will be done in italic for better identification. Hope you enjoy!!!!

This year we will be doing 6 week (quarters) with a 2 week break in between with the exception of a 3 week break for Christmas and taking the whole month of August off.

Our mission statement this year is : "Direct your child ONTO the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it." Proverbs 22:6 NLT

I will be using alot of resources this year to help aid me in planning. Because I have a creative side sticking to a set curriculum is very hard for me and I want to be hands on in planning each lesson. So I have broken our year up into 3 planning blocks. 1st two quarters we will do World Geography. The second two quarters we will do Anatomy of the Body. And for the remainder of the year I have left open, for now, as a cushion to finish off the year or to let the children pick the topics they would like to do lapbooks on.
This just ended up being way to much for me to do.

Here is what our 1st semester is looking like:
Bible Study Guide for All Ages: Beginner Student Pages Still using these to date, I love them!!!
AWANA: Sparks book 2 Crazy but now LJ will be in his 3rd TNT book, time goes by so fast!!
Sunday School handouts  again was too much

Lapbook Math Office
Math Mammoth: multiplication I just ended up doing real life math

Summer Olympics Beijing China (lapbook) was so much fun!!

introducing 7 Continents and various countries

Happy Phonics
Various level readers
Circle Time: mom will pick books to read out-loud

Spark verses utilizing StartWrite to create writing worksheets

Piano lessons at Sunset Music School

For us homeschooling is more than just educating the mind but also teaching the heart. Homeschooling , like the military, is a way of life. And this year we will introduce Mettle Monday and Fitness Friday and start back with Thankful Thursdays.

Mettle Mondays will be used to help Levi put into practice habits that will help him grow in his relationship with Christ, starting with a prayer journal. Our focus with Joel is to help him see the world beyond himself and to start including Christ into his daily life by working on him putting others first. And well for Cera I think everyday will be a Mettle Monday for her over the next several years as we teach her obedience and show her the love of God with how we are as a family.

Fitness Fridays are going to be used to go explore the island,getting outside to enjoy God's creation, and a day to schedule loads of fun field trips.

Thankful Thursdays are going to be days that we focus on things we are thankful for and developing a heart of service by doing things for other people.

I will also be working on setting up a spot on my blog to keep track of my favorite or useful websites that I come across so if you have a favorite website or blog please leave a comment with a link so I can go check it out. Happy Blogging and Homeschooling!!!!

Wow this was such a busy and fun time for us!!!! I think it's good to look over those early year goals as it really helps you to refocus on why you began to homeschool in the first place!!!! I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past, stay tuned there are more to come!!!!!

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