Saturday, July 9, 2011

Final Selections

for our new school year have been made!!! We usually order the curriculum that we know we are going to be using in the next year after we get our taxes; such as  Sonlight Core, LLATL, and Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  But this year, at the last minute I'm adding more instruction into the mix. I will have a 10 year old, 7 year old and 4.5 year old.

Last year I got Sonlight's Discover & Do Bundle and quickly realized I was going to need the Instructor's Guide. (Note: I'm sure you could use the DVDs and make up your own lessons but I personally didn't want to do that,lol) So after much thought I decided to get Science A Biology, Botany, and Physics  and supplement it with Considering God's Creation(which I already have), lapbooking and notebooking for the older two.

I will be teaching 2 Cores next year!!! Core B and Core D, so I've decided to use The Story of the World Activity Book to help me with some hands on activities for the younger two. As for my 10 yr old, he will be  transitioning into a more independent learner with a focus on notebooking and good research habits.

And finally I am very excited to introduce Wordsmith Apprentice into our curriculum as well. I stumbled upon it as I was looking to order the red LLATL student book and I think it is really going to give my oldest a run for his money, in a good way!!! He has reached that point in learning where he doesn't want to just be told, by me, but wants to discover it for himself and I think this will really challenge him and he needs that!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot, we will be adding Teaching Textbooks Math 5 after the first of the year!!!!

Next week I will tell you what we are ditching in the coming year and why.

But for now, what are you planning on adding into your new school year?

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