Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Vacation

is in full swing at our house. We are officially taking the entire month of July off!!!! Funny how we were able to fill up that "time off" with other activities!!!!!! Now that baseball season is over we are able to return to our visits at Glen Care on Tuesdays, have started volunteering on Wednesdays at the local Soup Kitchen, will be participating in our church's Kids Bible Club on Thursday, still hosting The Truth Project at our house on Fridays and will be adding a Mission theme to that for dinner time to help include the kids in that a bit more!!!!

Whew is right. But its not so bad when you get recuperation time at the beach, so don't feel too sorry for me!!! Even though the kids don't have any academic work to do, we are still working on attitudes and getting our chore routine down solid. I'm also working on menu planning, lesson planning and scoring through homeschool catalogs for any supplemental items I might want to include in the new year!!!!!

So what about you, how is your summer going?

 Are you still schooling or taking a much needed break?

Also what lessons learned are you taking with you into the new school year?

For us it will be a break during baseball season and that has caused an adjustment to our testing times as well as time off we use to take. I can see at least 6 grey hairs I rightfully earn during our first baseball/t-ball season and next year promises to be even more hectic than this year because all three kids will be in three different leagues!!!!!!! But hey, that's why we homeschool right, to be flexible, lol!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to visiting with you as well!!!!!

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